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Slight update on the moving situation

Posted in Moving, Musings, Recipes/Food with tags , , , , , , , on July 22, 2013 by Dena

So I think it’s about as final as it can be without having actually made the reservation yet–on August 31st, my husband (and cat =P) and I will be moving into an Extended Stay hotel room on August 31st and will be there until October 31st. They do allow pets, believe it or not. If you’ve never been in one, they’re pretty nice as hotel rooms go–fairly roomy, and there’s a small kitchen with a microwave and stovetop, along with a few dishes in the cupboards, some silverware and pots and pans–almost like a furnished studio apartment.

The good news, as I’ve mentioned before, is that I’ll be able to cook again. While cleaning out the old storage unit, I came across my old Cuisinart (food processor) and put it aside for the move. I will definitely be making some use out of it. I’ll also be in a place that is QUIET for a change–the place where I live how has way too much noise pollution and it wreaks havok on my mood and stress level.

The bad news is no oven or dishwasher–obviously the former will limit my cooking somewhat, and the latter will mean having to hand wash dishes (which I HATE), but oh well. Also not sure how I feel about having Luna in the same room with me 24/7–we love that cat like a daughter, and she’s a sweetie, but she can also be a demanding little brat for no reason at all sometimes, so I might miss not being able to occasionally lock her out of whatever room I’m in but oh well, we’ll deal.

Anyway, I do have a couple of goals I hope to acheive during those two months …

Lately, I find myself eating cheese a lot as a source of protein and fat, because it involves no preparation (well that and it tastes awesome =P), but once I’m able to cook more, I’m going to try to cut way back. I’ve read that dairy causes sinus problems, and I’ve had sinus problems for years, so I’m thinking of trying to cut dairy out of my diet for awhile to see if it helps. I’ve also gotten to  where I hardly touch veggies anymore, and while it doesn’t seem to effect me in a negative way, I’m sure it’s not ideal in the long term sense. I know of several ways to make veggies more interesting to eat, and hope to come up with new ones–now that I’ll have my own kitchen (and a Cuisinart!), that’ll be a lot easier. I can also cut back on the pre-processed food more easily.

I also hope to help my husband improve his diet. He has health problems that I think going low-carb (if not paleo) would help with a lot. I THINK I’ve gotten him to agree, especially now that we plan on moving out of Memphis at the end of October, which will mean leaving my job, which will mean no health insurance for awhile. He’s the sort of guy who, when left to his own devices, will eat bread, chips, and soda as a meal. Not sure if I can get him to commit to giving up grains entirely, but if I’m making most of his meals, that’ll give him less opportunity to carb himself to death.

Oh, and I don’t know how many reading this watch my videos–I know I announced this blog on Twitter, where I keep in touch with viewers, but I don’t know how many (other than Farel =P) are actually following it. Anyway, for anyone who is, the move SHOULDN’T effect my yearly Silent Hill videos–I hope to have all my game footage collected by the end of this month, then I’ll just pick at it a bit and work on preliminary stuff (like that dreaded opening sequence) while getting ready to move in August, then I’ll do the filming and the bulk of the editing in September–hopefully it’ll go as planned. We’ll see.

I’ll also try to finally record that Q&A video where I answer questions asked by people a year ago XD  At the very least, I’m trying to reach my monthly quota.

EDIT – Did I say SLIGHT update? Goddamn!



Posted in Musings with tags , , , on June 14, 2013 by Dena

Interesting timing, I saw a deer when I was out walking.

The reason it’s interesting timing is because I had just been thinking about my last entry and how I talked about “all that wildlife” and started to wonder if I was just romanticizing it. “two thirds of the route is in a parking lot, for god’s sake”, I thought.

Next thing I know, I see something peeking through an iron fence across the street–my first thought was that it was a dog of some kind, but it didn’t take long to realize it was a deer. Apparently it found a gap big enough to fit through, because a second later, I see it bounding across the street where it disappeared. It was a ways away from me, so it wasn’t close-up by any means, but it was still a pretty neat thing to see.

My workplace is fairly close to Shelby Farms Conservatory (that’s where I see the bison every day on the way to work), and I do see deer every once in awhile in a heavily wooded area close to the place I currently live. But the area where I work is kind of industrialized and I’d never seen anything big like a deer there, nor would I ever have expected to.

Speaking of said heavily wooded area, we once barely avoided a deer that was sitting in the middle of the street, just past a hill, so we were nearly on top of the thing by the time we saw it and had to swerve to avoid it. I fretted about it all the way to work thinking that it was wounded and wondering what would happen to it, etc.. So after Lee dropped me off, he took the same route back and called me to let me know that the deer was gone–no evidence that it had been hurt or anything, no blood, it was just gone. So apparently this deer decided to just sit in the middle of the street and troll people.


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One thing I’ll miss about working at my current job is being able to take a 30-minute break to take a walk during the work day.

I go out the employee entrance, through the parking lot, then along the sidewalk until I get to the other employee entrance, then loop around again. I think it’s about a mile combined (way too hot to go outside today, so I went on the treadmill in the gym for about the same amount of time, and it said I did 1 mile, so …).

I work for a big company that has a nice building with lots of interesting landscaping around it, including a pool with fountains that attracts ducks and Canadian geese. Also, I’ll usually spot the odd chipmunk before it runs off (OMG, they are so teeny and cute!). I listen to my MP3 player, so it’s just me, my music, and all that nice scenery and wildlife. Not exactly a nature walk, but it’s closer than I ever got in Sacramento.

I’ll still be able to walk after the move, obviously–definitely right after then when I’ll be unemployed for awhile. It won’t be the same, tho.

I’ll have to remember to take some pictures while on my route one of these days, while I still have the chance.

Oh, off the topic of exercise, but we also drive past a herd of bison on the way to work in the morning–I am DEFINITELY gonna miss those bison!