Moving on

Now that I’ve gotten the drama out of my system … which actually took less time than I expected.

The upside is that someone else IS moving out, which means the house will be less crowded and less noisy, and there’s one less person to have to fight over the bathroom and washer/dryer with–hard to tell how much difference that’ll make, but it’s something.

This is for the best–we’ll be saving $2000+, and that’s money that we’re really gonna need once we move to Sacramento and are jobless for awhile. Speaking of which, it may not take a full two months more to save up enough money for that, since Lee will be getting a job soon, and if that’ s the case, we’ll be out of here sooner.

Staying  at a hotel for 2 months was not a good plan, but it grew on me pretty quick, and I became fixated on the upsides. Really broke my heart when it turned out that we weren’t going that route–Lee half-joked that I was upset that we weren’t being kicked out. But anyway, I’ll deal.

In the mean time, we’re gonna continue packing and putting stuff in storage as if we’re still moving at the end of August. So, at the very least, we’ll be ready to go as soon as we’ve saved enough, whenever that happens to be *crosses fingers*.

I’m also going to TRY to cook more (at least on the weekends and such) so I can still at least somewhat contribute to us eating better.

So, I can still work on that stuff, just not extensively as I’d hoped.


2 Responses to “Moving on”

  1. I have to say, I can relate to this. If I worked hard on something for very long and had my mind set that it would actually work itself out in the end, I would be a bit upset when it turned out it was all for nothing and things work eitherway.

    It makes all the hard work and effort go out the window…. but hey, it sounds good and Lee getting a job? That is most positive, really keeping fingers crossed!

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