“Poo-less”, etc., Update

Just a little update on my last post where I talked about experimenting with giving up soap and shampoo, etc..

Unfortunately, I’m having to stick with shampoo and conditioner for the time being–tried to at least go without conditioner (substituting vinegar rinse), and that just made my hair heavy and oily again, so once again had to bring it back to life with a small hit of shampoo. From then on, I decided not to mess with my hair care routine other than keeping it at very small amounts and not leaving the conditioner in, just rinsing it out immediately. So far, it works just as well as using a lot, leaving conditioner in for a long time, etc..

I’ve also been using oil as facial cleanser, as recommended by Julie. For now, I’m using olive oil. I’ve been doing some reading up on the subject for the last few days (PS: The theory is that adding oil to your face dissolves the existing oil, hence why it works), and there seems to be conflicting information about which oils will be helpful, and which will just further clog your pores and make it worse. Unfortunately, a lot say olive oil and coconut oil are harmful. But not all, so … err, I don’t know who to believe. I guess I’ll continue with olive oil for awhile, since it’s what I have in the bathroom right now, and see how it goes.  I’m a little afraid to try coconut oil anyway, because awhile back, I used coconut-scented moisturizer and I ended up REALLY breaking out. Most of the sites recommend castor oil and … not sure if I should trust that stuff since it comes from a toxic plant, same as I no longer consume canola oil for similar reasons.

But anyway, face routine is now basically this method but with olive oil in the evening, then wiping with a hot damp cloth in the morning … at the very least, my skin doesn’t seem any MORE oily than when I was scrubbing with soap at night, then wiping with witch hazel in the morning. I hope this is helpful in the long run–at 37 years old, I’m awfully tired of dealing with acne.

Everything else SEEMS to be working fine, so no updates there, it’s just more of the same.


One Response to ““Poo-less”, etc., Update”

  1. Acne? Ehh some people told me that it’s just a thing in puberty, but not for me. I keep having it all the time.

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