Minor Changes

I don’t notice much of a change in my over-all appearance, but I thought it would be interesting to document all the little changes I’ve been noticing due to the weight loss. May end up being a little TMIish, but not too bad.

  1. I just noticed about a week ago while doing the laundry that my ring is fitting more loosely on my finger. I was stuffing laundry into the washer, and as I pulled my hand away from it, I noticed the friction was nearly pulling my ring right off my finger. It’s just kind of funny to me because I never really had fat fingers so it seems like an odd place for that to happen.
  2. My face (and neck?)  is thinner … I think. I keep being told it is, but it’s hard to tell. What I am noticing is that suddenly I think I look better with my hair in a ponytail–usually I only put my hair up when exercising or doing hard work to keep my hair off my neck. I don’t especially like how it looks, it’s just for convenience–I generally feel like I have a short fat neck and that I need long hair on either side of it to make it appear longer. But yesterday, after putting my hair up to go walking, I decided to keep it that way for a few hours because I decided it looked kind of cute.
  3. I’m crossing my legs more often … which makes me think my thighs are thinner so it’s easier to do and more comfortable? Not sure, but lately I’ll be sitting at my desk at work and the urge to cross my legs will just happen … and it’s always more comfortable than I expect.
  4. I really really want to try wearing skirts and dresses more lately. In April, when Lee and I went to a fairly nice restaurant for our anneversary dinner, I ended up wearing a skirt I’d bought like two years ago but never wore, and I generally liked how it looked on me. Right now, I’m looking for summer dresses I can throw on–I would at least like to try one on and see how it looks–but no luck so far on finding any decent looking ones. Walmart in Memphis is a terrible place to buy clothes–I keep forgetting that.
  5. This is kind of an obvious one, but I keep having to cinch my belt tighter and tighter–when I first got it (trying to save money and not buy new pants just yet, and most of the ones I own right now are too loose-fitting) I was using the third hole … now I’m using the fifth and final one. Granted, it’s a liiittle tight, but at the rate I’m going, I’m gonna have to make a new hole.

I think that’s it for now. If I think of anything else interesting, I may go back and add it.


2 Responses to “Minor Changes”

  1. I hear about these changes and I can tell this makes you excited, so I encourage you to continue this further! Cowards are the ones who call things impossible! Heroes are the ones who dare to accept the challenge and fight on!!! DIFFERENT ENCOURAGING SENTENCE!!!!!!

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