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Raw Eggs in my Coffee – UPDATE

Posted in Recipes/Food with tags , , , , , on July 29, 2013 by Dena

Just wanted to report a mistake I made the second time I tried Primal Egg Coffee.

As I said in the original post, by the time you beat the egg and coffee mixture with a fork to where it’s about as well mixed as it’s gonna get, it has cooled to the point that it’s barely warm.

So, keeping this in mind the second time I made it, I microwaved it for 30 seconds. Too hot, had to let it sit and cool a bit before really drinking it. But the main problem is that I ended up with a chunk of egg at the bottom. Which I swallowed. Eww–yeah, didn’t need that first thing in the morning.

So this morning, I tried again, and not only did I microwave it for only 15 seconds, I gave it another quick beating with the fork juuust in case there was enough egg left that might end up cooking if left to sit and collect. Was a good temperature for drinking immediately, and no solid egg.

So I think I’ve got my method down. I kind of wish I didn’t have to microwave it–when you microwave a cup of coffee, the cup gets hotter than the coffee does and sometimes the cream separates a little and you end up with a bit of film at the top. But oh well.


Chocolate Cherry Recipe Type Thing

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So I’m kind of training myself for giving up dairy today–trying to think outside the box a little and not just grab something dairy-based because I’m in the mood for it or because I want to eat something in a hurry.

Earlier, I was craving chocolate, and I went as far as pulling out a square of 60% dark chocolate, then I read the ingredients on the label. Yes, I know, it’s only a small amount of dairy, but, like I said, I’m trying to challenge myself a bit. So I got to thinking about posts I’d seen on the MDA forums and I remembered someone mixing coconut oil with unsweetened cocoa powder … couldn’t remember what else they did, so I just winged it after that, and this is what I came up with.



  • 4 spoonfuls of coconut oil (melted)
  • 2 heaping-ish spoonfuls of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 spoonful of Truvia
  • 2 frozen black cherries.


Combine everything but the cherries in a small bowl (only downside is that the truvia won’t really dissolve–I suppose you could heat it, but I was too lazy).

Chop up the still-frozen cherries into small pieces. By then, they will have warmed to the point where they’ll basically just be very cold, no longer frozen. Stir chopped cherries into the chocolate mixture, which will solidify and coat them.

Eat with a spoon and enjoy. End result is kind of like a crumbled fruity chocolate bar.

OMG, it’s so good. Lots of calories for what it is, unfortunately, but no sugar (other than what’s naturally in the cherries) and low carb.

Here’s the breakdown I got when I entered it into MyFitnessPal, but not sure how accurate it is, since I just measured with a regular spoon, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a full Tablespoon measurement–I basically used Tablespoons for entering the recipe, then halved it.

257 Calories
9 Carbs
1 Protein

Hit Another Weight Landmark

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I am now down 35 lbs from when I started doing low-carb in November. So yay, and stuff.

Losing one pound per week lasted a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would, but lately it seems like it’s slowed down a lot. I actually looked at my front page on MyFitnessPal, and it said it had been 3 weeks since I’d last updated, meaning I didn’t lose any weight in all that time ;/  I guess it wouldn’t be fair to say I hit a plateau, but progress has slowed down more than I’d like.

I think my calories and carbs are at good levels–I don’t track my food every single day, but I eat more or less the same thing every day, at least during the week. I think one problem is that I’ve gotten into the habit of treating myself a little too often. Like grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine once per week is borderline okay, but I form habits really easily and I’ll end up doing it maybe three days in a row.

But even aside from that, I never was trying all that hard. All I had to do was avoid sugar and carbs most of the time, not even really bother exercising, and the weight seemed to just come off on its own, practically. I knew that would catch up with me eventually, and I guess it has, or it’s gaining on me at least.

As I mentioned recently, in that big update, I’ve been thinking about cutting out dairy for awhile. It actually wasn’t for the purpose of losing weight, it was an attempt to see if I was having some kind of mild allergic reaction to it. I’ve had sinus problems for years–I have to clear my throat a lot, and for awhile, I was getting a bad cold/mild-flu/sinus-infection-type-thing several times per year. Since I improved my eating habits, I think I’ve only gotten that sick one time, and I don’t wake myself up coughing anymore, so I think it’s not as bad as it used to be, but I’m still having to clear my throat a lot. Anyway, I’ve heard that dairy can trigger that sort of thing, so I’m gonna try to cut it out for awhile and see if my sinuses get better. I also have water retention in my feet–I’m kind of hoping it’s the cause of that too. But if cutting out dairy helps with weight loss, that’d be awesome.

If that turns out to be the case, I’m really gonna miss cheese XD  It was something I avoided for a long time while doing the low-fat thing back when I didn’t know any better, and getting to enjoy it again without any kind of guilt was a real treat. But it has become my go-to food way too much lately, plus I think I’ve gotten the novelty of it out of my system, and I’m maybe even growing a bit tired of it.

Haven’t decided if I’m gonna start next week or not, but I did manage to find coconut milk at the grocery store, so I can if I decide to, assuming I even like the taste of it and it goes well with coffee (never actually tried it before).

I need to somehow step up the exercise too–maybe incorporate weights. We do have some dumbbells. I just need to figure out what to do with them =P

Raw eggs in my coffee–I’VE GONE TOO FAR!

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I love this kind of thing about the Paleo community. As if putting a stick of butter in your coffee wasn’t weird enough, now we’re putting raw eggs in our coffee! Stop the madness!

In all seriousness, tho, I never tried Bulletproof coffee because I don’t feel like whipping out the blender first thing in the morning, and don’t like the idea of my coffee having an oil slick. But the idea of Primal Egg Coffee sounded interesting, and a few in Mark’s forum have reported pretty good results with just beating the egg with a fork instead of using a blender.

I was gonna try it first in the evening on a weekend, in case I ended up not liking it or it made me sick or something, but I slept REALLY poorly last night (nothing serious, just once in awhile, I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back too sleep for 2 hours–not fun) and ended up getting up a full half-hour early. Mark and others have reported this giving them extra energy, so I figured it’d be as good a morning as any to try it.

I added my cream, truvia and sugar to the cup as usual, then cracked the egg in there, and beat it with a fork as best I could, then I added the coffee in three parts, beating between each. I was afraid I’d end up with egg goop at the bottom of the cup, but fortunately I didn’t (yah, there’s a texture I don’t need in my mouth first thing in the morning–ick).

It really didn’t effect the taste at all, or even the color, which is good–just gives it a thicker consistency, which is kind of nice. Only thing I don’t like is that all that stirring causes the coffee to cool off too quickly, so I’m wishing I’d microwaved it a bit afterwards, but oh well. I use a coffee warmer and was hoping that’d help, but it didn’t until I got to the last inch or two of coffee.

It definitely seems more filling, which is actually the original reason I wanted to try this. I normally have a cup of coffee when I first wake up, then I have a proper breakfast once I get to work. Used to work fine, but lately, I am STARVING by the time I get there, so I’ve been wondering what I could do differently to hold myself over until then–really not into solid food in the morning, I just want my coffee. Then I read that this is supposed to be extra-filling (not surprising with the added egg) so I figured I’d give it a try soon.

So that’s my experience with Primal Egg Coffee so far. Time will tell if it staves off hunger as long as I’m hoping–maybe I’ll go back and edit later to give the consensus on that)

EDIT – Wow, kept me full for 2 extra hours and probably more. Instead of being starving at 7:30, I’m a bit peckish at nearly 9:30 (after exercise, no less). Could probably go awhile longer without eating, but it’s hard to not put myself on a schedule when I’m at work for some reason. I will skip my second cup of coffee, tho.

Moving on

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Now that I’ve gotten the drama out of my system … which actually took less time than I expected.

The upside is that someone else IS moving out, which means the house will be less crowded and less noisy, and there’s one less person to have to fight over the bathroom and washer/dryer with–hard to tell how much difference that’ll make, but it’s something.

This is for the best–we’ll be saving $2000+, and that’s money that we’re really gonna need once we move to Sacramento and are jobless for awhile. Speaking of which, it may not take a full two months more to save up enough money for that, since Lee will be getting a job soon, and if that’ s the case, we’ll be out of here sooner.

Staying  at a hotel for 2 months was not a good plan, but it grew on me pretty quick, and I became fixated on the upsides. Really broke my heart when it turned out that we weren’t going that route–Lee half-joked that I was upset that we weren’t being kicked out. But anyway, I’ll deal.

In the mean time, we’re gonna continue packing and putting stuff in storage as if we’re still moving at the end of August. So, at the very least, we’ll be ready to go as soon as we’ve saved enough, whenever that happens to be *crosses fingers*.

I’m also going to TRY to cook more (at least on the weekends and such) so I can still at least somewhat contribute to us eating better.

So, I can still work on that stuff, just not extensively as I’d hoped.


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Yeah … turns out I was being too presumptuous in my last post.

We were given an “extension” and allowed to live here until the end of October … and we pretty much have to take it.

Technically a good thing because the hotel was going to be way too expensive.

But otherwise, all my plans are put on hold for probably two more months. Ugh.

Slight update on the moving situation

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So I think it’s about as final as it can be without having actually made the reservation yet–on August 31st, my husband (and cat =P) and I will be moving into an Extended Stay hotel room on August 31st and will be there until October 31st. They do allow pets, believe it or not. If you’ve never been in one, they’re pretty nice as hotel rooms go–fairly roomy, and there’s a small kitchen with a microwave and stovetop, along with a few dishes in the cupboards, some silverware and pots and pans–almost like a furnished studio apartment.

The good news, as I’ve mentioned before, is that I’ll be able to cook again. While cleaning out the old storage unit, I came across my old Cuisinart (food processor) and put it aside for the move. I will definitely be making some use out of it. I’ll also be in a place that is QUIET for a change–the place where I live how has way too much noise pollution and it wreaks havok on my mood and stress level.

The bad news is no oven or dishwasher–obviously the former will limit my cooking somewhat, and the latter will mean having to hand wash dishes (which I HATE), but oh well. Also not sure how I feel about having Luna in the same room with me 24/7–we love that cat like a daughter, and she’s a sweetie, but she can also be a demanding little brat for no reason at all sometimes, so I might miss not being able to occasionally lock her out of whatever room I’m in but oh well, we’ll deal.

Anyway, I do have a couple of goals I hope to acheive during those two months …

Lately, I find myself eating cheese a lot as a source of protein and fat, because it involves no preparation (well that and it tastes awesome =P), but once I’m able to cook more, I’m going to try to cut way back. I’ve read that dairy causes sinus problems, and I’ve had sinus problems for years, so I’m thinking of trying to cut dairy out of my diet for awhile to see if it helps. I’ve also gotten to  where I hardly touch veggies anymore, and while it doesn’t seem to effect me in a negative way, I’m sure it’s not ideal in the long term sense. I know of several ways to make veggies more interesting to eat, and hope to come up with new ones–now that I’ll have my own kitchen (and a Cuisinart!), that’ll be a lot easier. I can also cut back on the pre-processed food more easily.

I also hope to help my husband improve his diet. He has health problems that I think going low-carb (if not paleo) would help with a lot. I THINK I’ve gotten him to agree, especially now that we plan on moving out of Memphis at the end of October, which will mean leaving my job, which will mean no health insurance for awhile. He’s the sort of guy who, when left to his own devices, will eat bread, chips, and soda as a meal. Not sure if I can get him to commit to giving up grains entirely, but if I’m making most of his meals, that’ll give him less opportunity to carb himself to death.

Oh, and I don’t know how many reading this watch my videos–I know I announced this blog on Twitter, where I keep in touch with viewers, but I don’t know how many (other than Farel =P) are actually following it. Anyway, for anyone who is, the move SHOULDN’T effect my yearly Silent Hill videos–I hope to have all my game footage collected by the end of this month, then I’ll just pick at it a bit and work on preliminary stuff (like that dreaded opening sequence) while getting ready to move in August, then I’ll do the filming and the bulk of the editing in September–hopefully it’ll go as planned. We’ll see.

I’ll also try to finally record that Q&A video where I answer questions asked by people a year ago XD  At the very least, I’m trying to reach my monthly quota.

EDIT – Did I say SLIGHT update? Goddamn!