Step 1 of the move is nearly done

The first thing we needed to do was move all of the stuff we had in the cheap outdoor storage unit to our nice new climate-controlled  indoor storage unit.

There are a whole lot of reasons for this–aside from the obvious: the fact that we can put delicate things in there without having to worry about heat ruining it or bugs getting into it–the company who owned the old unit had been bought out by a bigger company who promptly fired the nice old lady who was running the place, plus they’re overly aggressive when it comes to reminding you about rent, yet they seem to conveniently always not be there when you show up to pay said rent (so at best they’re unreliable, at worst they try to screw you). Anyway, short version is that the new company sucks. We were gonna get an indoor unit anyway, but the change is inspiring us to do it faster–screw those people.

We also need to give them 10-days notice, so if we wanna be out of there by the end of the month, we need to have all our stuff out of there by the 20th, which is a Thursday.  Fortunately, there are only about 2 car-loads left–one of stuff we’re gonna move into the new unit, and one of stuff we’re gonna donate, then we’ll be done with all that nonsense.

Step 2 will be packing up everything we won’t need access to for the next few months, and putting that into storage as well.  Not really sure what to pack, tho–I guess a lot of my books could go into storage.

BTW, I recommend Extra Space Storage if there’s one near you. Just keep in mind that their prices vary depending on location–there are 3 in Memphis that I know of. One was super cheap but in the ghetto and the place looked nearly deserted (honestly, we didn’t even go in, just saw the little building with one little window that looked like it was closed, so we left), another was in a nice area, but it was out of our price range–the people at that location helped us find a third one that was in a less ghetto-ish area than the first one but was a lot more affordable.

Anyway, not looking forward to having to deal with moving after work during the week, but at least it’s only twice, then it’ll be over with.


One Response to “Step 1 of the move is nearly done”

  1. Oh that’s right, moving, I totally forgot you were doing that, sorry.

    Hope it all works out!

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