Interesting timing, I saw a deer when I was out walking.

The reason it’s interesting timing is because I had just been thinking about my last entry and how I talked about “all that wildlife” and started to wonder if I was just romanticizing it. “two thirds of the route is in a parking lot, for god’s sake”, I thought.

Next thing I know, I see something peeking through an iron fence across the street–my first thought was that it was a dog of some kind, but it didn’t take long to realize it was a deer. Apparently it found a gap big enough to fit through, because a second later, I see it bounding across the street where it disappeared. It was a ways away from me, so it wasn’t close-up by any means, but it was still a pretty neat thing to see.

My workplace is fairly close to Shelby Farms Conservatory (that’s where I see the bison every day on the way to work), and I do see deer every once in awhile in a heavily wooded area close to the place I currently live. But the area where I work is kind of industrialized and I’d never seen anything big like a deer there, nor would I ever have expected to.

Speaking of said heavily wooded area, we once barely avoided a deer that was sitting in the middle of the street, just past a hill, so we were nearly on top of the thing by the time we saw it and had to swerve to avoid it. I fretted about it all the way to work thinking that it was wounded and wondering what would happen to it, etc.. So after Lee dropped me off, he took the same route back and called me to let me know that the deer was gone–no evidence that it had been hurt or anything, no blood, it was just gone. So apparently this deer decided to just sit in the middle of the street and troll people.


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