One thing I’ll miss about working at my current job is being able to take a 30-minute break to take a walk during the work day.

I go out the employee entrance, through the parking lot, then along the sidewalk until I get to the other employee entrance, then loop around again. I think it’s about a mile combined (way too hot to go outside today, so I went on the treadmill in the gym for about the same amount of time, and it said I did 1 mile, so …).

I work for a big company that has a nice building with lots of interesting landscaping around it, including a pool with fountains that attracts ducks and Canadian geese. Also, I’ll usually spot the odd chipmunk before it runs off (OMG, they are so teeny and cute!). I listen to my MP3 player, so it’s just me, my music, and all that nice scenery and wildlife. Not exactly a nature walk, but it’s closer than I ever got in Sacramento.

I’ll still be able to walk after the move, obviously–definitely right after then when I’ll be unemployed for awhile. It won’t be the same, tho.

I’ll have to remember to take some pictures while on my route one of these days, while I still have the chance.

Oh, off the topic of exercise, but we also drive past a herd of bison on the way to work in the morning–I am DEFINITELY gonna miss those bison!


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