This is very out-of-character for me, because I’ve always been an indoor person who hates bugs with a passion … but I’m toying with the idea of taking up some form of gardening in the future.

I read in The Primal Connection that having plants around is therapeutic and healthy–like even just house plants. Then recently I’ve gotten to thinking that it’d be convenient, and cost-effective, to have a vegetable garden … so I’m thinking I might try going that route sometime in the future.

Of course, a garden can’t happen until after we actually buy a house, and who knows when that’ll be. But once we get our own apartment, I might try getting a house plant or two just to see how that goes, then maybe go from there. I know I want to at least have some pots of herbs, like basil. I love basil, but the store-bought stuff turns black and mushy way too fast, I’ve just stopped buying it.

Really, my only issue with the outdoors is bugs–maybe I could get around that tho. It’s something to think about.


3 Responses to “Gardening?”

  1. OMG Yes! Plants are amazing creatures, and tending them can make you feel so connected with the earth and the cycle of life. Potted plants are the best way to start (peppers and tomatoes do great in pots, by the way).

    When you do get a house and decide to start a garden, I really suggest you read All New Square Foot Gardening. Before I read this book, I was a horrible failure at gardening. Square foot gardening is super easy, though, and I end up growing several hundred dollars worth of produce in our tiny back yard garden.

    • Yah, I’ve been pretty dis-connected to nature for most of my life, so I’m starting to feel that maybe it’s time to change that.

      I forgot that tomatos can be grown indoors–I’ll have to look into that after the move. Come to think of it, a friend of mine who I haven’t talked to in awhile was growing tomatos on her kitchen … upside-down for some reason.

      Thanks for the book recommendation–I’ll definitely check that out when the time comes (or even before if I decide to get a head start on the research =P)

  2. I wish to say that I hate bugs myself, and don’t do much gardening of my own, however plants are somehow always an element I love.
    Favorite Batman villain? Poison Ivy
    Favorite pokemon? Bulbasaur
    Favorite figure in Norse mythology? The world tree Yggdrasil (I count it as a character!)
    Even the main character of my own comic book (who’s meant to represent me) has magical powers to control plant life!!!!!

    Sooo from my point of view, I approve your desire to work on your green thumb, because….. someone has to, and I myself manage to kill plants just watering them!!! :S

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