Relaxed My “No Grains” Rule Today

In my LONG entry about my current way of eating, I mentioned that I splurge once in awhile.

I do generally avoid bread because, as I said, regular bread is not that great, IMO, so I don’t miss it. But I will sometimes relent when it comes to, say, flaky biscuits, or really good bread from certain sit-down restaurants–basically something really good that isn’t just your standard run-of-the-mill Wonder Bread or whatever (yah, Wonder Bread is overrated, sorry).

Well, the other day, Lee reminded me of something I used to make that I haven’t in AGES, so I relented and ended up making it for this morning’s breakfast. It’s stupidly easy to make and stupidly good.

It is …


This stuff. No, really.

… Kroger Value brand cheese and garlic Biscuit Mix where you just add water and throw it in the oven.

In no way am I saying that this is healthy, and I’m not condoning eating stuff like this on a regular basis, but it is crazy-good for something that’s basically “instant biscuits”, and it only makes about 6-8, so as long as you’re not making it only for yourself, there isn’t much danger in over-indulging. I had two with my bacon and scrambled eggs. They are a bit dry (I may have over-baked them a bit, actually), but a liberal application of butter solves that–plus, they’re awesome with butter!

Also, the ingredients make me cringe (pretty sure humans weren’t meant to consume cotton products), but for a once-in-a-great-while kind of thing, you could probably do worse.


3 Responses to “Relaxed My “No Grains” Rule Today”

  1. Well…. this is a surprise. Sorry when I hear about health I imagine this stock thing that I’ve seen a million times. A blond celebrity star, some generic music plays and everything is so pretty, she talks about eating fruit, baking her own bread, not eating meat…. and on and on, it’s so boring…. so here seeing you with a bag of some “Biscuit Mix” saying “this is good”… it not only makes me smile, but it makes me honestly believe that this might not be so bad… but I don’t live in the US, so this doesn’t really make me buy it, but heh, this is a positive first surprise for me!

    • Well, I’m trying to follow the paleo diet, which is unconventional as it is =P

      But I thought it’d be an interesting change to do an entry on one of the non-diet-friendly things I splurge on sometimes, since I’m always saying that it’s okay to splurge once in awhile.

      • Yeah, I think so too. Besides I think eating healthy isn’t just about eating one thing. Quite frankly I’d say that a lot of people might have more problems from eating a limited number of food kinds rather than eating unhealthy food.

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